Binkowitz Residence- 2014 (Cave Creek, Arizona)

This project was designed as a pied-à-terre for an out of state client. This projects program is very simple which is then echoed in the vernacular of the aesthetics, all the while responding to the unique topography of the building site. The design intent for the 1600 sq. ft home was a bridge to nowhere concept sited in such a way, as to take full advantage of the views of Elephant Mountain to the north, making the views the end of the precession experiencing the house that is entirely elevated above the site except for the garage that is slab on grade. The garage wrapped in cementations plaster acts as a stereotomic plinth to the living areas that float over the desert on eight  slender steel columns displaying the delicate connection between the structure to the earth in attempts to be as un evasive to the site as possible. In keeping with the concept of “amplifying while simplifying” the envelope of the elevated house is clad in corten steel which evolve with time and change color throughout the day, and at times seeming to merge with the red rock that surrounds the project. 

Catinas Residence-2015 (Phoenix, Arizona)

Located in the beautiful Gold Mountain Preserve this single-family house, takes its design cues from desert setting that surrounds the house as well the more modern life style of the family that call this house their home.

Covaciu Residence- 2014 (Peoria, Arizona)

Located in Peoria, this house was designed to maximize the indoor-outdoor space, bringing the outside in thus blurring the line between inside and outside. The pool in the middle of the backyard, is bookended by the RV garage and the casita. The inside and outside were design to accommodate for large family gathering while still creating intimate spaces.

Rus Residence- 2016 (Glendale, Arizona)

With a more traditional look on the outside, the inside of this house with its floating ceilings has a more modern feel.  Large expanses of glass allow for cast amounts of natural light to come in and making the spaces feel even larger than they are.  The open floor plan is constantly connected to the outside living space. 

Tica Residence- 2013 (Scottsdale, Arizona)

This traditional residence on the Grayhawk Golf community takes full advantage of the site and the views to the East. Designed to entertain, nothing was left to chance, from the movie theatre on the ground floor to the play room on the second floor, all details echo the traditional Spanish Colonial style of the house.

Tomuta Residence- 2013 (Phoenix, Arizona)

Located on a hillside in the Gold Mountain Preserve, this three-story house is designed with connectivity in side. A driveway connects the walkout basement to the main floor on the outside, while a suspended stair connects it on the inside. The main level is connected to the second floor via two cantilever stairs connected by a bridge. All three levels are connected by an elevator that runs from the basement to the second floor. Walking in you are greeted by 24’ interior living space and a floating bridge. The clean lines and design are carried from the basement thru the spa like bathrooms and kitchen on the main floor to the loft on the second floor.

Oerlikon- 2015 (Baroda, India)

Oerlikon Textiles manufacture and office in Baroda, India was designed in collaboration with Shah & Talati for a German manufacturing company.  The project’s two distinct design components were the Office part in the front and the manufacturing component in the back.  While the office component integrated more Western design components, the manufacturing side used more traditional building techniques.  This project offered a unique collaboration between our architectural firm along with the local firm and the German client.   

Misty Willow Senior Care- 2014 (Peoria, Arizona)

This assisted living home located in the Northwest valley was designed to allow maxim movement of the residence while still provide a safe and secure environment.  The interior courtyard allows the residence the flexibility of moving between inside and out while staff can always monitor the wellbeing of the residents.  Always being able to see outside as you move down the corridors help residents as a way finding method.  The courtyard is a mixed used space where the active residence can enjoy a variety of activities.   

Kontexture Office- 2015 (Phoenix, Arizona)

Located in the heart of Phoenix, this tenant improvement serves as the office for our firm.  The building was built in 1967 out of block.  During construction, the building was taken to the bare exterior walls, roof deck and concrete floors.  The layout was design with an open studio concept in order to bring as much natural light deep into the building.  To achieve that, the original skylights were kept thus reducing the amount of artificial light required during the day.  The wall dividing the conference room from the rest of the studio, serves as an architecture library in the conference room side, and reference library on the studio side. The staked wide flanges that make up the front desk were salvaged form one of the first residential project designed by the firm. 

Via Linda Assisted Living- 2016 (Scottsdale, Arizona)

Nestled in at the bottom of McDowell Mountain Range, this assisted living home offers views of the mountain range that can be enjoyed by the residents from their private room or public spaces. As with all custom assisted living homes of this scale, each room has private bathrooms and walk in closets. There are private areas within the house that offer residents a place to relax, or they can enjoy the more public spaces, such as the large deck.

Acacia Heights Senior Care- 2015 (Peoria, Arizona)

located in the Northwest valley this assisted living home was designed to allow free movement of the residence while still provide a safe and secure environment. The interior courtyard and private patios allow the residents to enjoy being outside. The layout of the house provides areas where the residents can gather to enjoy group activities, but it also provides areas where a resident can enjoy some quite time, such as the library.